Demetrio Dela Cruz

.. Works done in a surrealism appropriation style, in a trompe l’ oeil manner.

“Hanging on“ is both literal and metaphorical in sense.

Literal for its images are visual forms of hanging paintings and sculptures of Filipino national artists, from Amorsolo’s famous works to Guillermo Tolentino’s sculptures.

Metaphorical, for each piece of painting represents the vulnerability and fragility of life.

We’ve been through a lot these days, the pandemic, national election which put people in disarray, and our personal issues of everyday battle. On top of this struggle, Filipinos expresses resiliency…

Life can be hard, sometimes ugly, but there are moments of peace and traces of beauty and happiness, just hang on and enjoy this ride called life… “ kapit lang…”

Art cube gallery

16 July - 16 August 2022

Address: Makati City, Philippines