An Extra in Front of the Ordinary marks my 21st local solo art exhibition.

I also have group shows and Art fairs abroad like Jakarta Moments in Indonesia Art Fair, Korea Biennale, Tokyo Japan group show, and Manhattan New york group show to name a few.

I usually do big works, I'm a fan of big canvases, on these new series I came up with small pieces all in just 18x12 inches canvases, it's kind of doing something outside of my comfort zone.

The style done in hyperrealism style trompe l' oiele approach, a fool the eye vision overload. I am fond of doing detailed meticulous images, a more 3Dish style. I am inspired by the new form of art, that is the computer aided, Artificial Intelligence { AI } kind of stuff, that with patience and proper procedure and approach, they can actually done manually.

My 12 years of experience of working in Advertising companies as visualiser, illustrator, graphic designer and digital photography probably is the backbone and core of my painting process.

I usually do sketches as studies, then shoot photography for my subjects and details, then comes layouting, editing in photoshop before heading to the final canvas.

An Extra in Front o the Familiar series of works focused on the Interplay between beauty and fragility's coexistence of the menace presence of interventions.

Some videos from the exhibition:

Boston Art Gallery

14 October - 28 October 2023

Address: Cubao, Philippines